Hooray, it’s my blogging birthday!

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Happy birthday to My Mummy Manual – officially one years old!

I can’t believe I’ve kept both a tiny human and a blog alive, and thriving, for one whole year. That’s a definite #mummywin right there!

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Why I’m no #MumBoss

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There’s much talk about the loneliness new mum’s can face in the first few days, weeks and months of parenting. Being stranded at home alone with a newborn can be a daunting and isolating prospect. However, for me, the loneliness eventually came when I ventured back to work.

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I suffer from milestone envy

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I’m not a ‘Competitive Mummy’ (I don’t think so anyway!) but I do suffer from milestone envy. This is the constant worry that my baby is somehow falling behind in his milestones as I watch other babies conquer them one after the other. I tell people that he’ll do it when he’s ready, but who am I really trying to convince?

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Give your support to the ‘Every mum movement’

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With May the 8th to the 14th being Mental Health Awareness Week – I wanted to use this opportunity to highlight the inspirational work being done, not just over this week but every week, to support mums suffering with maternal mental health illness.

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Surviving without sleep

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I was a lover of sleep.

It had to be dark, not even a slight crack in the curtains.

It had to be silent, no ticking clocks or traffic noises.

It had to be flat out on my stomach in full starfish pose.

It most definitely was MY side of the bed (so back off!)

Now it’s a completely different story. But every now and then, I dare to think back to the good old days – or more specifically – nights. Where sleep was exactly that – sleep. Simple. Calm. Relaxing. I still am a great lover of sleep – but it’s not dark; it’s not silent; it’s not starfish and it most definitely is NOT my side. Just where did it all go wrong? A long, long time ago we decided to have a baby…

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You got a friend in me

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So think ‘Toy Story’ (the original one, which is obviously still the best); along comes Buzz, a shiny, new, exciting toy that everyone loves and wants to get to know: leaving Woody feeling out-of-place, unwanted, hurt, forgotten, alone, confused; maybe even all of the above. Personally, rightly or wrongly, I found that it’s easy as a new mummy to feel a bit, well, ’Woody’. Relationships I had with those around me had altered, even if only every so slightly, because of my Buzz – sorry baby, would had innocently come along. For me, I have my mummy mates and baby buddies to thank for helping me through my ‘Woody’ period and literally saving my sanity.

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The Working Conspiracy

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(This post first appeared on www.meetothermums.com)

I take a deep breath, plaster a smile on my face and then cheerily proceed with the hello’s and how are you’s. However, I know it won’t take long. I can feel myself getting agitated before I hear a single one of those words. I’m waiting, thinking, ‘Go on then, say it!’

‘Not long ’til you go back to work is it?’

Boom. There it is, hitting me square between the eyes. Those ten little words. One dreaded phrase that is following me round from house to house. Wherever I go – hello, there it is – again.

WORK. WORK! Why would I want to talk about that?

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Blog goals 2017

After reading some brilliant blog posts from great bloggers (including http://www.myrandommusings.co.uk/2017/01/reflecting-2016-blogging-bucket-list/ , http://mudpiefridays.com/2017/01/10/three-blogging-goals-2017/ and http://www.cuddlefairy.com/2016-stats-did-i-reach-my-goals/) discussing their 2016 goal achievements, I’ve been inspired to set myself some 2017 Blog Goals…

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