Hooray, it’s my blogging birthday!

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Happy birthday to My Mummy Manual – officially one years old!

I can’t believe I’ve kept both a tiny human and a blog alive, and thriving, for one whole year. That’s a definite #mummywin right there!

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I suffer from milestone envy

(This post first appeared on www.meetothermums.com)

I’m not a ‘Competitive Mummy’ (I don’t think so anyway!) but I do suffer from milestone envy. This is the constant worry that my baby is somehow falling behind in his milestones as I watch other babies conquer them one after the other. I tell people that he’ll do it when he’s ready, but who am I really trying to convince?

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Guest Post -What you really need in your hospital bag!

I’m delighted to be able to share with you my first ever collaboration and guest post by the lovely Lucy at miss_mummy_life   (blog link here). She’s done a fabulous post giving out much needed advice for mums-to-be about What you really need in your hospital bag!

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Give your support to the ‘Every mum movement’

(This post first appeared on www.meetothermums.com)

With May the 8th to the 14th being Mental Health Awareness Week – I wanted to use this opportunity to highlight the inspirational work being done, not just over this week but every week, to support mums suffering with maternal mental health illness.

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Linky’s I’m loving…

I’ve been blogging now for around six months and for me one of the most enjoyable aspects of posting is joining in with Linky’s. Here’s a guide to the Linky’s I’m loving right now…

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Get bloggin’ organised!

So a while back I posted my ‘Blog Goals 2017‘ – and I stated that I’d upload a new post twice a week (so far I’ve failed miserably!) It turns out that keeping up with a blog is HARD WORK and takes both commitment and organisation. Inspired by Mrs Mummy Harris post about ‘How to beat the Blogging Blues’ and knowing that if I’m ever going to start achieving my 2017 goal for the rest of the year (seem as it’s already March!) I need to get bloggin’ organised! Here’s the plan…

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Blog goals 2017

After reading some brilliant blog posts from great bloggers (including http://www.myrandommusings.co.uk/2017/01/reflecting-2016-blogging-bucket-list/ , http://mudpiefridays.com/2017/01/10/three-blogging-goals-2017/ and http://www.cuddlefairy.com/2016-stats-did-i-reach-my-goals/) discussing their 2016 goal achievements, I’ve been inspired to set myself some 2017 Blog Goals…

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