About me


I’m Jemma, a teacher, a traveller (what else are school holidays for?) and a newbie mummy of one gorgeous (obviously I’m bias!) little boy!

You may expect that working day in, day out with 30 plus children I’d know what to expect from my journey into motherhood and beyond – well you’d be wrong!

Birth, nappies, feeding, bath time, sleeping… it’s all been new to me! Each and every day I’m learning something new, trying to navigate my way through and combat all my ‘is this normal??’ questions, worries and general paranoias.

Before baby came along I spent every waking moment searching the internet and Pinterest for advice, how to’s and what to expect. What did I learn from all this time online? Easy – no one has all the answers. No one has even half the answers truth be told; every family/mummy/daddy/baby are different (what a clique!)

This thought/clique gave me both comfort and confidence to think, okay son, let’s figure this out together! Yes, I know already that I’ll make mistakes along the way, but I’m hopeful that even my mistakes will just become fun memories that form part of the our epic adventure.

What do I hope to achieve with my blog? A way to create connections with other mums and dads, sharing my experiences – the good, the bad and the very messy, along with any golden nuggets I gleam along the way – to let everyone (including me!) know that it’s okay to just roll with it and do whatever works for your family – creating ‘my mummy manual’ as I go.

So let’s begin …