My Blogging Fails of 2017

My top 5 (I’m sure there’s more) blogging failures of 2017 – and how I’m moving forward into 2018 (maybe, possibly – who knows!)

Firstly, on a positive, I started the year strong blogging wise. I made some targets that I absolutely smashed; like having 500 Instagram followers by Christmas – completed by summertime (go me!)

I was also actually writing posts, but then it all started to go wrong…

  • Fail 1: I stopped writing.

I’m not sure how or why this happened. I LOVED writing my posts and sharing them. I used to look forward to putting something out there, getting comments, reading other blogs – I was starting to feel part of the ‘blogging community’.

Then I just wasn’t posting and the longer I didn’t post, the harder it seemed to start again- I lost my voice and my confidence that anyone would want to listen to my ramblings.

(So this is me attempting to kick myself up the arse and JUST BLOODY  WRITE!!!)

  • Fail 2: I gave myself too many spinning plates.

Maternity leave ended.

Summer holidays ended.

Work started; along with the stresses of childcare runs, marking, meetings…

Then there’s running the household, shopping, cleaning, cooking…

Then there’s trying to do quality time stuff with Freddie, like Baby Signing Classes, plus settling in sessions at nursery…

None of this is news to any of you I’m sure, we are all juggling every day; but for me, all of this stuff means that by 8pm when Freddie is sound asleep and I DO have the time, I DO NOT have the inclination to do anything- let alone my blog.

  • Fail 3: I didn’t make time saving hacks. 

And I still haven’t.

I know there are ways of scheduling posts. And I’m sure a whole host of other ingenious plugins and apps etc that could make blogging life so much easier but I haven’t investigated them yet…

  • Fail 4: I got disillusioned.

After a year of blogging what had I achieved? What was the purpose of my blog?

I’m not racking in the cash… I’m not getting the all important subscribers to my mailing list… I’ve not got reached the dizzy heights of the Top of the Tots 100 list…

What am I doing wrong? (In hindsight, I guess – see fails 1-3).

  • Fail 5: I gave a f*#k what other people thought.

Confession time:

My 15 month old doesn’t sleep through the night.

I still let him have two bottles of milk a day.

I still cuddle him to sleep before bedtime.

I feed him frozen chicken nuggets way too often.

He knows how to operate the TV remote so much so he re-subscribed us to Netflix.

Why? Because it suits us – all of us. He’s a very happy chap.

But it’s also made me feel like I can’t/shouldn’t share what we do because it’s not all self-soothing, home-made, baby-led living… because I’m doing it (this parenting thing) wrong.

  • What about 2018 then?

Well, if anything it’s about to get a whole lot harder…

To start with there’s more plates: We’re moving house (cue stress and decorating). And I’ve got a new job- a job share with more teaching responsibilities, in a year group that I’ve never taught before (exciting, scary, stressful and time consuming.)

So in 2018 I’m going to stop making more pressures for myself (on top of those anyway… )

I’ll occasionally blog… and that’s ok (especially after making my blogging life easier, hopefully!) And remember that I’m blogging for me, for Freddie and our memories, for being part of mums supporting mums (actually all parents).

I’ll remember that even playing in the garden and cuddles before bed IS quality time together. And although, it will be fun to get out and make some new friends when we move – I don’t need to make weeks of commitments for myself.

And my biggest goal for 2018: be happy as we are, not giving a f*#k about what anyone else thinks!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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