Hooray, it’s my blogging birthday!

(This post first appeared on www.meetothermums.com)

Happy birthday to My Mummy Manual – officially one years old!

I can’t believe I’ve kept both a tiny human and a blog alive, and thriving, for one whole year. That’s a definite #mummywin right there!

So what has blogging done for me?

It’s given me the opportunity to be a part of the online parenting community; which in turn has given me the confidence to keep going, to actually put myself out there.

My thoughts.

My writing.


It was such a daunting prospect at first; taking my thoughts, writing them down and sharing them with the world.

Would anyone ever read it?

What would they think of me if they did?

And then something I never thought would happen, happened.

People did actually start reading my posts. People even posted comments. Every time my confidence grows; the support I’ve had has blown me away.

I’ve been given so many opportunities I never thought I’d have, all of which I’m so grateful for.

I mean, here I am, yes me, writing my monthly feature post for meetothermums – part of the #blogsquad. And I love it.

I’ve written THREE guest posts. Thank you to Miss Mummy Life

ActionPlanMum and Jakijellz.

And I’m an ambassador for wikiplacesforkids.com

My Mummy Manual is not topping the Tots100, featured in the Huffington Post, getting mentioned on This Morning or getting thousands of hits every day. It’s not earned me a single penny (although, it’s definitely cost me a few.) Yet, I’m genuinely so proud of what I’ve managed to create… and who knows where the next year will take us.




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