Freddie travels to… Kefaloni

I’m not sure Freddie remembers our first trip to Kefaloni, but I’ll let him off as he was only a bump back then! This time around however, I’m sure he had a fantastic time; even if it was certainly a very different holiday experience for us!

Here’s Freddie’s Top 3 Holiday Rules when travelling with a nearly toddler…

Freddie’s 1st Rule:

Thou shalt NOT need an alarm clock.

Do we ever?

By 8am I had: got us washed and dressed, claimed the sun-beds (vital!), visited the park, been back to the room to stock up the day bag and was headed down for breakfast.

Hmmm… what a relaxing start to the day.

Freddie’s 2nd Rule:

Thou shalt NOT relax unless I’m relaxing (i.e. Sleeping)

You want to sit still you say? Read a novel. Have a swim. Catch some rays.

‘No, you can’t climb up the sun-bed’.

‘No, you can’t drink the pool water’.

‘Please stop poo-ing in the pool!’ (in his swimming nappy of course).

‘Arrrh! Where’s my G&T?’

Freddie’s 3rd Rule: 

Thou shalt NOT keep any dignity. 

By far the funniest (and most mortifying) moment of the holiday was when I, Mummy, had to go and retrieve a run away baby poop… Yes you read that correct, retrieve a poop. True story!

Said ‘matter’ had rather skilfully rolled out of the nappy and under the sun-bed. What a great pool side accessory!

Mummy’s verdict on holidays with a nearly toddler:

Yes, there’s no relaxation, extra stress, changes to routines and new opportunities/ways for your baby to embarrass you… but it’s also the best FUN!!

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5 thoughts on “Freddie travels to… Kefaloni”

  1. There’s no denying holidays aren’t the same once kids enter the equation! But they also bring so much fun and laughter to the mix you can’t help but love it anyway. Although maybe not the escaped poo! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. This is so funny! How clever of him to be able to roll out his nappy and did a poop! Well done boy! I think you truly must be a little proud of him – right. 🙂 x

    Thanks for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids

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