Freddie travels to… Kefaloni

I’m not sure Freddie remembers our first trip to Kefaloni, but I’ll let him off as he was only a bump back then! This time around however, I’m sure he had a fantastic time; even if it was certainly a very different holiday experience for us!

Here’s Freddie’s Top 3 Holiday Rules when travelling with a nearly toddler…

Freddie’s 1st Rule:

Thou shalt NOT need an alarm clock.

Do we ever?

By 8am I had: got us washed and dressed, claimed the sun-beds (vital!), visited the park, been back to the room to stock up the day bag and was headed down for breakfast.

Hmmm… what a relaxing start to the day.

Freddie’s 2nd Rule:

Thou shalt NOT relax unless I’m relaxing (i.e. Sleeping)

You want to sit still you say? Read a novel. Have a swim. Catch some rays.

‘No, you can’t climb up the sun-bed’.

‘No, you can’t drink the pool water’.

‘Please stop poo-ing in the pool!’ (in his swimming nappy of course).

‘Arrrh! Where’s my G&T?’

Freddie’s 3rd Rule: 

Thou shalt NOT keep any dignity. 

By far the funniest (and most mortifying) moment of the holiday was when I, Mummy, had to go and retrieve a run away baby poop… Yes you read that correct, retrieve a poop. True story!

Said ‘matter’ had rather skilfully rolled out of the nappy and under the sun-bed. What a great pool side accessory!

Mummy’s verdict on holidays with a nearly toddler:

Yes, there’s no relaxation, extra stress, changes to routines and new opportunities/ways for your baby to embarrass you… but it’s also the best FUN!!

You Baby Me Mummy

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