Baby, Mummy and The Blog – ten month update

Wow, we’re in double figures now – this is F at 10 months old! How on Earth did that happen? Here’s July’s run down…


Yes, he does eat cardboard (eye roll).

Firstly, we visited Uncle Chris and Auntie Ellen in Cheltenham. We all had a fabulously windy trip to the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare; our day included F’s first ever amusement park ride, 2p machine’s and the obligatory fish ‘n chips, followed by ice cream (obviously).


The next day we tried out Cotswold Farm Park. Initially we thought the £12 price tag was a bit expensive; but we all left saying that it was actually good value for money. We fed the animals, had a ride in the tractor, went in the soft play (usually only for under 5’s Daddy and Uncle Chris…) and had yet another ice cream (it just had to be done).


*New Milestone Alerts*

1: He’s learnt to climb the stairs… Arrh! Stair gates are now (finally) installed.

2: He has learnt to climb onto his toy box to play with the blinds.

3: He has been promoted to pull-up nappies because I can no longer face the thought of a nappy time wrestling match -I’ve even managed to successfully change a poo-explosion with him standing up #mummywin! (Oh, but then we did also have the first bath time poo…)

One of my very first blog post was: A bump without boundaries: travelling whilst pregnant; and this year we returned to one of our Baby Moon spots – with baby in tow (and four of our friends)! Nice to see you again, Greece.  Forgetting the early start, travelling went smoothly, as did the holiday (blog post coming soon); but for now here’s some snaps.

An the most exciting news of all… Auntie Sophie and Uncle James have had their little bundle of joy. Yeah! Straight after landing home from our holidays, we raced round so that we could all meet the newest member of our family. Cousins, just 10 months apart – they’re going to be a pair of mischief makers very soon!


I became an Auntie (obviously). So delighted and immensely proud of my sister – welcome to the #mumtribe!

Me and the hubby celebrated 7 years of marriage with date night number two since F’s arrival (I even managed to get my hair cut first!)

I did not manage the 6:30am wake up call anywhere close to as well though. In fact my exact mumblings to my hubby were, ‘I just can’t do it‘ – first hang over in nearly 18 months (and I intend on it being the last for a long while to come). I just about pulled myself together by 10.30 – not too shabby, I don’t think?!

Current body issues: Not sure what to do with my developing bloated Mum-Tum bod… I can’t work out if my bloated tummy is diet related (i.e. gluten? dairy? or just too many chocolate biscuits?); post-pregnancy related mum-tum issues? I would have proudly shown this off this belly at about 4 months pregnant – but that’s definitely not the case now! Any hints/tips/ideas warmly welcomed? (except for ‘lay off the chocolate biscuits!’- never going to happen.)

I’m also on my Summer Holidays – six glorious weeks without any work!! Although, they’re running away from me too fast already and I’m constantly feeling guilty that I’m not making the most of the time with F… just can’t escape from that #mummyguilt. In my head, I was going to draw up a fantastic calendar of events for the whole six weeks – I’ve failed miserably. My only consolation is that any time spent together is good time, right?

The Blog

Ummm what have I done about my blog this month? Not a great deal – I’m getting worse… (sigh, followed by a metaphorical kick up the arse.)

One think I have done is become a Mumsnet Blogger member – tick.

Blogging Plans for August:

I have written ‘My Birth Experience’ a guest post, hopefully it will be featured on ActionPlanMum blog soon!

I am currently busy writing another guest blog post – details coming soon…

Basically, write, write, write…

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5 thoughts on “Baby, Mummy and The Blog – ten month update”

  1. Ah it sounds like July has been a fab month – so many new experiences for your little one. Also congratulations on squeezing in another date – it’s so hard when you’ve got little ones, isn’t it! Thanks for joining us at #blogcrush 🙂

  2. Time goes so quickly doesn’t it? Looks as if you have had a fab month. We used to live in Cheltenham and we LOVED Cotswold Farm Park! He adores it there and especially watching the sheep being sheared. Absolutely absorbing for him! #SharingTheBlogLove

  3. Yay for cousins and congratulations on being an auntie! Me and my sister have had our children really close both times and it’s lovely to watch them growing up together. It sounds like a great month – I remember 10 months being a lovely age, so many new developments all the time. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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