Glamping in Lincolnshire

In our house, we’re definitely not happy campers. My hubby hates sleeping on the floor and I hate wandering around a field multiple times during the night for a wee (damn pelvic floor!)

However, we then got thinking about how to have a ‘new’ holiday experience, a UK weekend getaway and questioned whether glamping could be an acceptable half way house? Here’s what we thought…


We stayed in an Eco-hut on Kingsthorpe Manor Farm Bed and Breakfast in Lincolnshire.

In our section of the 2.5 acre grounds there were two Eco-huts surrounded by a large grassy area, a BBQ, a wood stove and a hammock (luckily for us the other hut was empty and so all this glorious space was ours!)

In the rest of the grounds was: a pizza oven (the owner, Patrick, provides homemade pizza dough for £1 a pizza);

a lot of animals including Freddie the goat, a dog, ducks, chickens and geese;


and a play area, complete with a swing and climbing wall.

An AMAZING feature of the site was the outdoor bath and shower room. Glamping at its finest.

The actual eco-hut came equipped with a double bed (tick for the hubby), sink (tank, not mains water), dining area, sofa and log burner. There’s plenty of room for a travel cot (but you do need to take your own).

One feature which sounded so romantic was the skylight in the roof, to enable you to watch the stars shining from your bed.

However, in the height of summer it actually means that by 3.30am the sun is lighting up the hut and baby can be forgiven for thinking it’s time to get up… so we ended up co-sleeping just to try and keep him asleep.

Once baby was asleep at night though, we made the most of the decking area.

What about my tick box? The dreaded toilet situation. Well, unfortunately, I did have to venture outside when nature called. However, there were two options to choose from: a) the eco-toilet (near to the eco-hut) and b) the loo inside the house/B’n’B (a short hop from the hut). I choose to take advantage of having both: in the middle of the night the closeness of the eco-toilet won through – but it always seemed like a treat to go indoors in the morning (it’s the small things…)

What’s nearby?

Just a two minute drive and you find yourself in Wragby. Even though it’s only a small town there’s a number of pubs, an Indian restaurant, a co-op, pharmacy etc. All basic needs can be met easily.

About 45 minutes away is the seaside coastal town of Skegness. On a sunny day, luckily like we had, it’s a fun day out with all the standard British seaside ‘stuff’ to do including: the beach, arcades, fish and chips, doughnuts, ice cream and mini golf.

So, glamping, what’s the verdict? Great fun!

Moving out of the tent and into the Eco-hut accommodation (even with night-time loo explorations still necessary) made all the difference. I can only imagine that the older Freddie gets the more he would love another stay at Kingsthorpe Manor Farm; from the animals to the climbing wall, from the amazing outdoor spaces to the trips to the seaside.

I’m sure we’ll be back again soon.

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21 thoughts on “Glamping in Lincolnshire”

  1. I’m definitely keen to try glamping. With toddlers the idea of being in a tent just doesn’t appeal to me but like you said this was a half way house.

  2. Never tried it, but honestly, you made it seem okay. Still rather concerned over the whole bathroom situ, so mind you, I may never follow through. I hope you all had a blast! #coolmumclub

    1. Thanks it was great ?? but there’s always a draw back somewhere! There is a b’n’b option too x

  3. Ah this looks so cool! We are going glamping this weekend although I’m not sure our place is like this…I love the bath! Although our girls would be a nightmare and we’d come home exhausted – they are n’t good sleepers in daylight!
    Thanks for linking up with #coolmumclub

  4. I’m going camping next week at a festival for the first time since school and pretty nervous about it. It’s one to tick off the list and move up to an eco hut. Looks like a great experience and Skegness is a bonus, great beach! Yvadney x

  5. It was great to have you all stay here at KMF! Sorry, about the few nettles at the end of the swing…..swing, they are now chomped, pesky nature! The outside bath, shower and compost loo are a blast, and the future! Flushing drinking water down the toilet as we all do (we use none or recycle collected rain water) cannot go on. Water is becoming more and more scarce, and hot countries like India are leading the way in ‘Compost Loo Technology’.
    So, if you want to come to KMF with your little ones and go Glamping in great surroundings, visit our website……..and you will find out that kids go free!

    1. Thanks for the glamorous eco-friendly glamping holiday Patrick (and especially for the pizza dough!) we’re looking forward to returning soon x

  6. Have been weighing up pros of camping / glamping / campervan-ing recently, this blog was perfectly timed! ….. and Love that bath tub!

  7. Aah the bath looks amazing!! Great idea 🙂 I dislike camping, but I’m all for glamping! We have stayed once in a yurt, but I still hated the shared toilet blocks. At the end of July we are staying in a wooden pod with it’s own jacuzzi and an ensuite – that’s my idea of ‘camping’!! 🙂 #brillblogposts

  8. You are like me on the camping front. We went glamping for the first time last month. I really enjoyed it – there was a lot of family bonding. We had a luxury pod with a toilet…it was the best way to go! I’d have that starlight gazing / bay waking window blocked up with some clothes or something lol Thank you for sharing with us at #BloggerClubUK xx

  9. We tried glamping before we had kids and thought it was great! Now that we have a little one, I’m not sure how we would cope away from all the little comforts of a hotel, BnB etc. Definitely wouldn’t write it off though, thanks for sharing your thoughts! #bigpinklink

  10. Wow this sounds absolutely brilliant! I love the sound of the outdoor shower and bath. Glamping is always a bit better then camping, I’m with you on the night pee issues! Thanks for linking up with the #bigpinklink this week.

  11. I’m loving the outdoor bath that’s very cool. Great that you can use the pizza oven too. We love glamping (and camping) Thanks for linking with #ExplorerKids

  12. Sound like a great getaway! My O.H. also hates camping. So this options seem to shine through. I like that they did try to keep it eco even with the toilets too! lol! I love the pizza oven though – just beautiful. I can smell the pizza from the oven from here! Very authentic indeed. Great that there are so many things to do near by too.

    Thanks for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids . I hope you have enjoyed the readings this week and that you’d like to join us again next week too! Have a great weekend! 🙂 x

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