Baby, Mummy and The Blog – eight month update

Firstly, an apology – I’m so late to get this up and on the blog! Over a week into June I’ve only just managed to write my ‘Baby, Mummy and The Blog – eight month update’ (basically, what’s been happening in May). Where has the bloody time gone?


It’s been great that we’ve had some actually sunshine in May. It’s given us the chance to have lots of fun adventures including: baby’s first alfresco dining experience, first trip to the playground and first play in the garden. Roll on summertime!

And the fun didn’t stop there. We had our first day out at the dreaded soft play this month. I’ve read a fair bit of negative stuff about soft play, especially from those who own a toddler, that I wasn’t sure what to expect… but it was actually ok. I think we were lucky though – it was empty except for our little baby buddies (so we weren’t trampled all over and had lots of room to play!) See my review for Jungletastic Soft Adventure Play on WikiPlacesForKids.

If you’re looking for a fun day, then I’d highly recommend Trentham Monkey Forest. We had a fabulous day out! We walked around their (very) large enclosure following the path, whilst the monkeys roamed freely. It was great spotting them up in the trees or cuddling together with their babies. We watched the keepers feed the monkeys whilst telling us lots of interesting information about the little cuties. On site there’s a cafe and playground – but baby’s a bit too small for that at the minute! (My reviews over on WikiPlacesForKids).

We’ve also had great fun testing out baby’s new smarTrike. He absolutely LOVES it – I mean who wouldn’t? It’s so much better than sitting in his boring pushchair! He’s not quite big enough to reach the foot pedals yet but the straps hold him securely in place, and he uses the wheel cover as his footrest – clever boy!

As well as all that, we had a fabulous mini-break to New Quay in Wales. It was just great – beautiful, relaxing, quality family time. Read more about it – coming soon.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun and games… if you’ve read Baby, Mummy and the Blog – seven month update, you’ll know all about baby’s awful Chicken Pox experience. However, it didn’t end there… Just as we thought we were on the mend, he began to get poorly again. We thought/hoped that it was just teething (as we now have 8, EIGHT, teeth!) but then it went on that bit too long.

We took him to the doctors, I asked if he might have a blocked sinus or ear infection, but no, no, ‘He just has a cold/virus’ – talk about feeling like a completely overreacting mother – again. The next morning, proved to me that parental intuition IS ALWAYS RIGHT. His ear was literally pouring/oozing with goo. So back we trotted to the doctors, who took a swab – an ear infection – a week of antibiotics later and we’re finally have a healthy baby back. Yey!


Not only did the Chicken Pox, get followed by an ear infection, but it also spelt the beginning, of the end, of breastfeeding. I was (and still am) totally devastated that my breastfeeding experience has come to an end, especially in the way it did. This is mainly because it wasn’t a choice made by either me or baby, it was just a consequence of a really terrible experience. (Think this is a topic for another blog post…)

For the first time in eight months, me and my hubby got to have a DATE NIGHT! We went ‘out out’ to see Micky Flanagan and had a blast. Luckily the baby slept soundly for Nanna whilst we were out.


These were my blogging goals in my Seven Month Update:

I WILL write my guest post ASAP (sorry miss_mummy_life)
I WILL write more reviews for
I WILL write at least 1 post per week (aiming for two) and get them onto the Linky’s
I WILL complete and review the online baby massage course from
I WILL write a post with @everymummovement about her work for maternal mental health

So I managed to do some of these…

Yes – I have written my guest post for the lovely Lucy at miss_mummy_life, about travelling to Phuket as a family of 3; and I’m so happy to be able to share her post ‘What you really need in your hospital bag‘ here on mymummymanual.

Yes – I have written my post about @everymummovement and her work for maternal mental health, live now on

Yes – I have done some reviews for wikiplacesforkids (see above) but I MUST do more! June PRIORITY

Failed – to do my review for online baby massage course – June PRIORITY.

Failed – to write weekly posts – another June PRIORITY.

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