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I’m delighted to be able to share with you my first ever collaboration and guest post by the lovely Lucy at miss_mummy_life   (blog link here). She’s done a fabulous post giving out much needed advice for mums-to-be about What you really need in your hospital bag!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was addicted to “what’s in my hospital bag” lists and videos when I was pregnant. The first time mamas packed their suitcases at 28 weeks and the second time mamas packed their overnight bags at 38 weeks. The NHS recommended the bare minimum and the vloggers packed in more outfits than you could shake a stick at.

The truth is, no birth is the same, so you really don’t know whether you’ll be in for one night or one week. But what you can guarantee, is that your partner and family will be sent home even when you don’t want them to be. So let’s just concentrate on day one.

1. Slippers
Seriously you’re on and off that bed more times than you can count. Chances are you’ll be asked to walk around at some point and slippers are the fashion staple of the maternity ward!

2. Maternity pads – lots!
Don’t buy sanitary towels. You won’t need those for a week or so! Bring two packs. Better to be safe than sorry!

3. Toilet wipes
Trust me, your lady bits will thank you for this! Keep them in a separate bag with your maternity pads, that way you can just grab everything you need easily for trips to the loo!

4. Phone charger
Ok so you’re not going to be snapchatting between pushes, but labour is often long and boring, especially if you’re induced! And people will constantly be asking “how’s it going”.

5. Pjs
Because comfort is key. I bought maternity pjs which had easy access for breast feeding.

6. Toiletries
The bare essentials:
Tinted moisturiser
Dry shampoo

7. Comfy clothes forgoing home.
So who knew that your pregnant belly doesn’t disappear when you push the bay out?! Well don’t go burning your maternity gear just yet. Pack the comfiest leggings and baggy t-shirt you can for coming home in. Welcome to motherhood where comfort is our fashion!
If you end up staying in longer, this could just become one of your outfits.

8. Dressing Gown
For your modesty! Chances are there will be a fair few examinations before and after labour when you’re back on the ward. It’s also useful for when you take a walk around the hospital – especially if you have a winter baby like me!

9. A couple of breast pads
This will depend on whether your milk has come in. I was wearing breast pads before Eva was born, so I took a couple with me. But it could be that you might not even need any.

10. Hand Sanitiser
Because, well, hospital.

11. Socks!
Because your feet get weirdly cold during labour.

12. Lip balm
I don’t know if it’s the aircon, but being in hospitals makes your mouth really dry!

This is honestly all that I think you need. Obviously I had a lot extra, but I didn’t use a lot of it. Either way, packing your hospital bag, in my opinion, is a really exciting part of your pregnancy and there’s nothing wrong with being organised.

Lucy x

Head over to miss_mummy_life’s instagram and blog to read more and show her some blogging love (plus you’ll find my first ever featured guest post: Phuket – a family friendly option?)

Thank you miss_mummy_life aka Lucy!

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post -What you really need in your hospital bag!”

  1. I’ve seen lots of these lists that are aimed at what you’ll need for the baby. It was nice to see one that caters for the mum! Great list and I think you nailed all of the essentials 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  2. Yes to slippers and flip flops too for when you shower…they saved me when I was in hospital!! Also I brought straws which helped when I drank tea after my C-section lying down 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x

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