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With May the 8th to the 14th being Mental Health Awareness Week – I wanted to use this opportunity to highlight the inspirational work being done, not just over this week but every week, to support mums suffering with maternal mental health illness.

Olivia, a writer, speaker, maternal mental health campaigner and founder of ‘The Every Mum Movement’, is a mum who has suffered with maternal mental health illness herself; an experience she has thankfully come through the other side of, and one she now uses to passionately drive forward her campaign and belief that ‘Every Mum Deserves the Right to Enjoy Motherhood’.

In her own words Olivia explains that being ‘a mum who is suffering with a maternal mental health illness, one of the biggest things you feel that is stolen from you is your ability to enjoy being a mum. The illness rips this joy from us and leaves us bereft.’ This is something no mum should have to endure, especially not alone.

On May the 3rd me and Freddie decided to join in the Every Mum Profile Picture Challenge Event run by Olivia – helping to spread the word ‘to empower Every Mum to be Mentally Buff for Motherhood’.

Her website offers advice and support to mums-to-be enabling them to get mentally buff for motherhood. In addition, she gives advice and support to those suffering with maternal mental health issues and their families; including symptoms, treatment and support.

One of the key ways to support other mums is to meetothermums! The Every Mum Movement encourages this by organising a series of Every Mum Meet Ups (see the FB page for details) and offering help if you wanted the chance to host to one of these events yourself!

Show your support to the campaign The Every Mum Movement, #OneMum4EveryMum, by joining the movement and following on FB, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. (Find out more at

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  1. Brilliant post! It’s so important to raise awareness of maternal mental health and help break the taboo/stigma which seems to be build around it. The meet ups in particular are a great way for mums to connect with others, vital as parenting can feel an isolating experience at times. Thanks for sharing #BloggerClubUK

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