Help! My baby has allergies (I think?)

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The first I knew about my baby having allergies was when this happened… 

His face became a red blotchy mess wherever the instant (pre-mixed) formula had touched. It took about an hour to disappear and looked horrendous whilst it was there.

Then there is his eczema which flares up and down (seemingly daily the patches move around his body) – which is maybe related to diet (mine and his), to the creams he has, to the temperature… or maybe not??

It can change dramatically even within one day.  

To help we’ve seen the health visitor, a dietitian and the GP; we’re now on steroid cream, the third prescription moisturising lotion, second prescription milk, I’m on a dairy free diet and he’s had a blood test.

Then there’s the weaning. We’re being careful, attempting (even though it’s really difficult) to work out if any of the food is impacting negatively on him in anyway.

I’m hoping that soon we will have some solid answers and we’ll then be capable of isolating the ‘baddies’ so my baby boy doesn’t have to scratch his way through the day and night.

About two weeks later, the results of the blood test are in…

Negative to an allergy of milk or eggs. Relief.

They did show some raised levels (of something or other) that is present in people with eczema (or who are prone to allergies like hay fever). Eczema confirmed.

I no longer need to be dairy free while breastfeeding. Great.

And we can introduce dairy to F’s diet. Great.

Now call it my imagination or paranoia… but the above photos were taken after a single lick of vanilla ice cream. Red patch or no red patch?? Arrh!!

The whole thing has left me with more questions than answers. What caused such a bad reaction to the instant formula? Can you have an intolerance without an allergy? How do I introduce dairy carefully and monitor his reaction? Will I still get medical and dietary support with a negative blood test result?

Somehow we’ll muddle through and find the answers, hopefully enabling us to gain some control over his eczema and make him more comfortable. I’ll update our journey about dealing with eczema soon.

(any advice from mums and dads to baby’s with eczema warmly welcomed)


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6 thoughts on “Help! My baby has allergies (I think?)”

  1. You have my sympathies, I watched my sister go through this with my nephew and it’s so difficult to get answers from people when it comes to allergies. She was fobbed off for a long time by the doctors and health visitors, until it came to weaning when it was clear that there really was a problem. He was diagnosed with Cows Milk Protein Allergy, Soya allergy, as well as lots of other intolerances to things like tomatoes, strawberries. He’s three now though, and is so much better, apart from the odd flare up. I hope you can get some answers and get the help you need. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. Glad everything is finally sorted for your nephew ? I’m sure (hoping) we will get there soon x

  2. I really hope you find a solution soon. Its such a minefield with allergies etc and so difficult to live with (for them and you), until the cause is definitely found. Good luck.

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