Baby, Mummy and The Blog – Seven month update

Time for another monthly round up… and it’s been a month of great highs and massive lows.


Let’s start with the positives from this month. Baby F turned seven months old at the beginning of April (hence the seven month update obviously…) I don’t honestly know where the time is going (I couldn’t resist taking a snap of that bottom. One for his 18th!)

At the end of March (but after the last monthly update went out) we went with our mummy and baby buddies to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Nottingham Showcase Baby Cinema showing. And we loved it (I’m obviously speaking on F’s behalf, and slightly ignoring the fact that he slept for the last hour of the film, as I’m absolutely sure that he most definitely loved it!) Pure Disney magic from start to finish.

We also went to the sensory pool again, which we love (and I managed to sneak a picture this week.. naughty!)

Nice calm music and lighting, toys and floats to play with and it’s warm enough for F to happily stay in for 30 minutes or more. Great fun.

April was holiday time for us (yey! whoop! hooray!) and F went on his first flight Long Haul Baby! I’m not going to discuss much here as there’ll be a whole blog post coming soon! But what I will say is Thailand we love you (and I’m sure we’ll be back!)

The ugly side of the month…

Teething – nightmare. Half way through the holiday, F suddenly turned into a different child. He was so lethargic, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t settle, crying a lot – we Googled his symptoms (as you do) which all pointed to teething, but being on holiday let doubts creep in. Is it our fault for bringing him away? Does he have a tropical disease? Should I have not given him bottled water? If I hadn’t been able to feel a sharp tooth edge I’d have whisked him off to the hospital in a nanosecond. I still can’t quite believe a tiny tooth can be such a demon!

Chicken pox – simply awful. We gathered our Chicken Pox: The Survival Kit and powered through; but as parents we have never been so worried (or more accurately, scared to death) as we were over that week. He had fevers up to 39.4C, was shivering, refusing to eat/drink, so lethargic – it was awful to see and I just can’t begin to image how he felt. To make matters worse, my mind decided to be taken over with paranoid thoughts about dehydration, convulsions, chicken pox induced pneumonia…

Initially we took him to A&E where a dose of calpol seemed to do the trick. But he worsened over the next day so we called 111 (where we were told someone would get back to us – they never did!) By the Monday we were at the GP’s being referred to the Children’s Assessment Centre for a fluid test. It was exhausting mentally and physically for all involved; I’m certainly glad to be out the other side of it now.


At the beginning of the month, F and I had to deal with a huge change for both of us… my return to work.

We started with a one hour ‘practise’ run on the Saturday prior to the dreaded Monday morning. We left him with my mum whilst we went for lunch – and F cried the entire time. This triggered a huge gush of mummy guilt that left me in tears for the rest of the weekend and Sunday night I had a huge teary meltdown. Could I have done anything better/different to prepare him? Am I too clingy? Will he think I’ve abandoned him? It’s fair to say it was horrendous emotionally.

On the morning of my return to work, I was holding my shit together fairly well (luckily I leave before my hubby so in my head I can leave my baby happy with his daddy – there’s no way I could cope doing the ‘drop off’) until I got in the car to this note:

Then it’s fair to say I lost my shit. Eventually, I pulled my self and my tears together and arrived at work, feeling like a rabbit in the headlights. How exactly do I teacher a class full of kids? What the f@*k is a plenary again? I had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach – similar to that when you go to an interview. Somehow I made it to 3pm and I couldn’t leave quick enough to ‘rescue’ my baby and get myself back into my comfort zone – mummy mode. We even managed a family walk in the afternoon.

All I can say is thank goodness for the Easter holidays… however, it only means that I’ve got to go through this all over again in about two weeks time.

A little extra note: I’ve signed up to run Race for Life 5k on the 4th of June (one of those it’ll get me motivated for fitness, seems like a good idea at the time situations). So here’s hoping I get motivated for fitness in May…

The Blog

I’m sure my productivity level, where the blog is concerned, has diminished rather dramatically recently – I just can not find the time. At present, I am blaming the holiday and chicken pox for this (as is reasonable to do so I think??) so now hopefully, a new month is a new start and I will get myself some May-tivation (sorry not sorry for the cheesey line!)

  • I WILL write my guest post ASAP (sorry miss_mummy_life)
  • I WILL write more reviews for
  • I WILL write at least 1 post per week (aiming for two) and get them onto the Linky’s
  • I WILL complete and review the online baby massage course from
  • I WILL write a post with @everymummovement about her work for maternal mental health

Here’s hoping for the time, energy and motivation to get my arse in gear and my blog moving during May.

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10 thoughts on “Baby, Mummy and The Blog – Seven month update”

  1. Oh bless you! So much happening and then the return to work guilt! It does get better once you have your routine and you’ve been back a while. Although it still bites me every now and then!

  2. That sensory pool looks wonderful! My son wasn’t a fan of swimming lessons, mainly because I think the pool was too busy. Well done on getting through the chickenpox – we had it over Christmas and it was nasty. And well done on the return to work – it’s something I struggled with too, but we got there in the end. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. Thank you Katy. Glad you’re little ones are over the chicken pox – it is horrible! And for your supportive comments about going back to work. Love taking part in #Sharingthebloglove

    1. Thank you Laura. I do love the baby cinema – and I guess I’d better make the most of it before he gets too old! I’m sure you’ll love Beauty and the Beast when you get the chance to see it. Loving #sharethebloglove

  3. jeez that was a bad case of the pox. first pic I just want to squoosh the thighs and bum!
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime Don’t forget to join us again next week!

    1. Thank you mummyinatutu! I know all baby’s legs need a squoosh don’t they – adorable!! Loving #ablogginggoodtime

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