Chicken Pox: The Survival Kit

I’m writing this on day five of our chicken pox ordeal (and I mean ORDEAL!) We’re just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to some bear essentials- cue The Survival Kit.

Disclaimer: this post does contain justified (I think) swearing.

1: Calamine lotion/cream = standard chicken pox toolage. Believe me you can NOT have enough of the stuff!

2: Paracetamol solution (or calpol, same difference). An absolute MUST. It’s a virus/fever, needs no further explanation.

3: Piriton (needs prescription for under ones) works by helping to reduce the itchiness of the spots. Hopefully.

4: The socks represent two parts of The Survival Kit.

A) they make exceedingly good scratch mits. (Sorry Mr Kipling!)

B) you need MANY clothes for both you and baby. Baby’s clothes need to be loose and ready to be covered in lotions/potions and (in our house anyway) all forms of bodily fluids. And your clothes… well, the same goes there to. (Basically like a normal day then!)

5: Thermometer. With chicken pox comes a fever. I was told ‘fever is not the enemy’ it shows that the body is working to fight the virus; however a consistently high temperature can lead to convulsions and be symptomatic of complications so it needs monitoring. We reached 39.4 degrees C – hence a trip to hospital!

6: Rehydration solutions. One of the most scary and frustrating parts of chicken pox saga was feeling like we were part of ‘hydration gate’ with baby.

Doctor, ‘just keep him well hydrated’.

Baby, ‘Not fucking happening Mummy’. Quite literally (obviously said via action not words).

7: Baby wipes/nappies galore. Virus + no solid food + as much liquid as you can force into him + a full medicine cabinet = the shits. No more needs to be said.

Feeling like death.

There’s literally not an inch of skin without a spot… arrrgh!!


?A quick side note on our ‘journey’ with chicken pox: it’s been horrendous!

The spots appeared during a 12 hour flight – helplessness.

I was vomited on 4 times (with absolutely no spare clothes, parenting fail 1).

Baby used up all his spare clothes so had to be carried around wrapped in a scarf – parenting fail 2.

We had the ‘is there a doctor on board call’ during the flight, only to be told it’s not chicken pox – cue massive panic- what the hell is it then???

I forgot my shoes when we left the plane (fail 3). I’m sure you can picture the scene, me walking around the airport in vomit covered clothes, no shoes and holding a naked baby wrapped in a scarf.

Then we drove 3 hours to our local hospital, where we were told it is chicken pox. The feelings of relief, ‘at least we know what it is’ and ‘it’s good to get it out the way early’ were short lived. Here we are, day 5 in hell.

We’ve been to the GP, referred to the Children’s Assessment Unit for a fluid test (apparently he passed as diarrhoea doesn’t count, just part of a virus), rang multiple out of hours services (some much better than others it must be said) but mostly sent home with a ‘this is normal’ line. All I can say is it’s not ‘normal’ for me to watch my baby become overwhelmed by a high fever, become lifeless and whimpering, not eating, not drinking, not smiling- my heart has been broken.

Chicken pox – you can fuck off now!

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