Baby, Mummy and The Blog: six month update

As time ticks on, things keep happening, places get visited, milestones are being reached and I’m loosing track of it all; therefore I’ve decided to start doing a monthly update (published at the end of each month). Here’s what’s been happening with baby, mummy and the blog during March.


As this is the first of a series of updates I could go on and on about how far he’s come from birth to now, having turned six months old earlier this month – but I won’t bore you with a chronological he did this, now he’s done that. What I will say though, is that the biggest and most fantastic change there has been over that time, is his developing amazing, cheeky, little personality.

We are weaning at the moment so encouraging a wide variety of new tastes, but unfortunately he’s decided he wants to eat everything that is actually inedible and that he most certainly should NOT have. This list includes: mobile phones, television remotes, iPad’s and laptops (basically it seems he’s a techie). Although he is yet to master crawling, it’s quite amazing the lengths he will go to, to roll and pull himself around to get one of the above items.

Back in the world of real food, so far he has tried and enjoyed: carrots, sweet potato, broccoli, peas, tomato, cucumber, mango, banana and strawberry’s; as well as Ella’s Kitchen ‘Pear, apple and brown rice’ and ‘Sweet potato, chickpea and sweetcorn’ meals. However, due to a flare up in his eczema we have had to eliminated the fruit, in order to reintroduce it again and identify the culprit! Instead of fruit, for snacks he loves Kiddylicious rice wafers and a Farley’s rusk.

I was quite impressed with myself for cooking him up a storm… sweet potato and broad bean bake went down a treat!

I feel like we’re getting to a tricky point now though, I don’t know if to keep feeding him purees but lots more flavours and combinations and/or increase the amount of meals per day and/or change the textures… there’s so much to this weaning business it’s blowing my mind! Not to mention his cows milk protein allergies (cmpa).

This month also saw us in Children’s Outpatients at our local hospital getting a blood test for F to see if it helps clarify what his allergies are and therefore our next steps. I was absolutely dreading it, I had visions of a screaming, inconsolable baby for hours on end. This, luckily, was not the case. Yes he cried. Yes I felt bad. And yes he’d forgotten all about it within thirty seconds. Brave boy!

We’ve been playing a lot of Peek-a-Boo lately – and he LOVES it. I love how surprised he is when I move my hands away from my face, as if to say, ‘Mummy, I didn’t know you were there!’ Cracks me up every time. This also led to me making a discovery – why children are so bad at Hide ‘n’ Seek – because we teach them that putting our hands over our eyes is equal to putting on an invisibility cloak.


Firstly, I have to say a huge thank you to F and his wonderful daddy for the best first Mother’s Day I could’ve asked for. It began with a HUGE card and photo present which I loved. Swiftly followed by eggs on toast for breakfast; fish,chips and mushy peas in Matlock for lunch; Rocky Road cake by Carsington Water; ending with a cheeky cider at home (yes the way to my heart is through my belly!) It was gloriously sunny and perfect in every way.

Unfortunately, the next morning took me kicking and screaming into the last week of my maternity leave. How has this happened so quickly? I’m on the brink of being rudely popped out of my baby bubble. When baby reaches 7 months old, I’m going back to work (initially for two days per week for 5 weeks, before returning to my pre-baby three days per week). I’m irrationally (probably) emotional about it: it’s work (need I say more?) but that’s not the reason for my worry/upset, it’s leaving my bub. To say I’ll miss him is an understatement.

In an attempt to feel better about the whole situation, I went for some retail therapy. I’ve created my new ‘For Work Teachers Capsule Wardrobe’ (post coming soon!) Anyway, let’s not dwell anymore on work until I have to go…

As we believe baby has cmpa, I’m currently on a dairy-free diet whilst breast feeding. At home I’m not finding it difficult at all – almond milk, dairy-free spread and everything else is pretty much the same. If anything it’s forcing me to be healthier, no chocolate or cake for me!

Or maybe not…

But I’m still mastering eating out which can be quite tricky, even a sandwich is a no-no – bloody butter! I did have a free-from ‘mummy win’ this week however – Tesco’s free-from Korma sauce was delicious (good old coconut milk).

The Blog

By ‘The Blog’ I mean this (my actual blog), my Instagram and Pinterest pages too. I’m thrilled that I’ve reached 420 odd (to date) followers on my Instagram – fingers crossed for 500 soon! In my 2017 Blog Goals I wanted to reach 500 followers by Christmas, I might need to adjust this (yey!) Trying to do at least one post a day, remembering to keep up with the ever growing list of hashtags # to make my posts as visible as possible.

In other news, I’m so excited to be busily writing for my collaboration with @miss_mummy_life in the very near future. And I can’t wait to host her post here on mymummymanual… more details about our Guest Post Swap coming soon.

I’ve also become an ambassador for @wikiplacesfor kids ( a great website that encourages mums (and dads) to shares ideas and reviews for things to do with the family: indoor, outdoor, free, paid, play group, farms, soft play – you name it! Can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to (I’ve now got another great excuse to get out there and why it’s soooo important that I sample the hot chocolate!)

Head over there to see my reviews.

Plans for April

Aprils a BIG month, here’s what’s planned so far:

  • Pop goes the baby bubble! I’m returning to work.
  • A long haul holiday (Thailand)
  • Publishing Guest Posts in collaboration with @miss_mummy_life
  • Working as an ambassador for

See you next month! x

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    1. I was looking forward to weaning – but now I’m over it already! Thank you Dear Bear and Beany, I’m sure to blog about it once we’re back! x

  1. I would recommend sticking to purees and just adding more flavor combinations 🙂 Just vary the texture of the purees as he gets older. I recently started instagram. What hashtags do you recommend? That is such a new idea to me haha. Also, I think it’s great that you are aiming to post everyday. I would like to do that, too. It hasn’t been happening for me though. #bloggerclubuk

    1. Thanks Paula, I’ll definitely try that. I’ve been looking at hashtags today actually – I regularly use #mummyblogger #pbloggeruk #mumlife #babyboy #mummyofinsta etc. There are some good # to use that are collections run by other bloggers including – #rememberingthesedays #perfectandproud #funseekingkids #MyHappyCapture. And some others I use are linked to bloggers/websites I’m involved with #wikiplacesforkids and #meetothermums. Hope this helps!!The linkys are great to – hope to see you again on #bloggerclubuk x

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