I got tagged by the lovely miss_mummy_life to write a blog post about rocking motherhood. I’m really glad she tagged me as it’s made me look for the positives in my motherhood journey so far and give myself a pat on the back! (It’s far too easy to be constantly critical).

  • I’ve kept him alive (and thriving) for over six months! When he was a newborn I was constantly in a state of ‘is he still breathing?’ ‘Is he starving?’ So to have got this far and have him still in one piece I must be #rockingmotherhood right?


  • I’m still breastfeeding. I set out to feed him until he was 6 months old… and I’ve reached, and surpassed it, Yey! (Now my new goal is nine months). It’s not been a walk in the park: having people constantly saying ‘how long do you HAVE to do that for?’ And ‘don’t you want to get back to NORMAL?’ Ummm, I don’t have to, I WANT to and this is NORMAL! Not to mention the constant worry he’s not getting enough; or my milk is running out; or the nightmare that is expressing; or going dairy free. But we’ve made it through, and I love it. I’ll always remember my proudest being mummy moment, going for his first week check up and he’d put ON weight (mummy’s magic liquid gold!)


  • I’ve made some amazing mummy friends from attending my antenatal classes. I have to thank my baby for that. I can’t imagine now the mummy’s I see week in, week out no being in my life, and they wouldn’t be if it weren’t for him – thank you. I’m pleased I’ve known them from the bump days as I’m not sure I’d have had the confidence to go and find new friends as a newbie first time mummy and my experience could’ve been very different.


  • We’ve had so many great experiences during my maternity leave: baby Pilates, baby massage, play group, baby cinema, Halloween and Christmas parties, holidays, trips to the park, sensory swimming, just lazing at home… I feel like I’ve made the most of every moment we’ve had together. I will not let work now get in the way (we have so much more to come).


  • We are raising him OUR way and as a team. Everyone’s given us their opinions family, friends, health care professionals (whether asked for or not)…but we’ve always trusted our parenting instincts and we have a gorgeous, happy and healthy little boy. #rockingmotherhood #rockingfatherhood
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  1. I love this tag! It definitely sounds like you’re doing a fab job to me! Well done on reaching 6 months of breastfeeding – I had a similar marker in my mind when we started, and we ended up keeping going until my son was just under a year when he just became too distracted all the time. I think trusting your instincts as a parent is the most important thing to learn – it gives you confidence in the decisions you make, which I think is the key to being a happy parent! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. I love this tag! I found it quite hard to write mine, until I actually started to write it and then they just seem to flow out of me. parenting your way is spot on, the advice I give any new parent if they ask me. thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

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