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So a while back I posted my ‘Blog Goals 2017‘ – and I stated that I’d upload a new post twice a week (so far I’ve failed miserably!) It turns out that keeping up with a blog is HARD WORK and takes both commitment and organisation. Inspired by Mrs Mummy Harris post about ‘How to beat the Blogging Blues’ and knowing that if I’m ever going to start achieving my 2017 goal for the rest of the year (seem as it’s already March!) I need to get bloggin’ organised! Here’s the plan…

1: Try to plan blog posts in advance. Spontaneity for the blog is great if your life is exciting everyday and you never suffer writers block – yet I feel that my life is just ordinary, the daily grind of normality with nothing particularly noteworthy happening to write about. Therefore: a) if I know an event is coming up  i.e. Father’s day or a holiday, then START THINKING/PLANNING NOW! and b) I must start realising that actually sometimes ‘normality’ makes a great, relatable blog post itself!

Action: Use a bloggin’ journal for collecting ideas and look for the exciting/funny/mad/normal in every day.

2: Make time. The key word is MAKE. Time (I’ve realised) doesn’t just naturally pop up and say, ‘I’m here so why not write a post?’ Life is busy and hectic at the best of times, so when you throw a baby in the mix finding time can (and does) seem impossible. When I can barely find time to hoover how can I sit and blog? You actually must go out of your way to MAKE time happen.

Action: Plan bloggin’ time into the week – give myself some ‘me’ time.

3: Don’t overthink. I’m a procrastinator at the best of times so any excuse to put off writing and I’ll take it (exactly why I need point 1 and 2). For me, the self-doubt that comes with thinking too much just serves to block actually writing anything – Does anyone really want to read this? If they do will they be bored stiff? If I say what I really think will I offend people? Does it matter if I do?

Action: Just write!

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8 thoughts on “Get bloggin’ organised!”

  1. Hi Jemma, this blogging lark can be time-consuming. I have plenty of ideas for posts but have to write them when the mood strikes or they don’t come out right. Trying to make time and being a natural procrastinator is a bugger, at the end of the day I often look back and think why on earth didn’t I take that hour to do something blog related rather than pace around in circles thinking about doing vacuuming, but never quite getting there. You are right. No more procrastinating and much more writing…. Oh, I see the windows are in a desperate need of a clean….. And the pacing starts over.


  2. Blogging really does just eat away at your time – however much you put in, there will always be more you could do. But I do find that having some sort of routine helps – blogging jobs you do on certain days (i.e. I will write a post every Monday, or I will join a linky every a Friday). I also keep a note of ideas for posts when they occur to me so that I have a few starting points when I need inspiration.

    Good luck with your blogging goals and, as you say, “just write!” 🙂


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