First night in his own room…

Asleep in his OWN room – all night (nearly)! How did that happen? Well, by accident. I’m aware that sounds like a ridiculous thing to say seem as the baby can’t put himself to bed in his own room, so yes, we absolutely, definitely put him in there… but truly it was accidental. How you ask…

The plan (which went wrong as far as I’m concerned!):

To get F used to his own room gradually.

What actually happened:

We prepared F’s room by putting his night-light on, drawing the curtains and putting the feeding chair into position. We read him his bedtime story, fed him his bedtime feed and put him into his cot. Going well so far. Preparing him for the idea that this is going to be his bedroom soon – perfect.

And then it all went wrong. You see, in my head, this is what was going to happen – first there’d be some crying (his way of saying, ‘Hold on Mummy and Daddy, where are you going? Don’t leave me on my own, I want to be in your bed!’) and then I’d say, ‘Ok baby, back you come with mummy and daddy.’ But no – instead he decided that he’d actually go to sleep! There were a few whimpers, but nothing that wasn’t easily resolved by sticking his dummy in.

When the time rolled around for me to go to bed, he was still sleeping soundly in his own room and I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt absolutely lost. For the last five and a half months my little buddy has had his place in our bedroom. I could hear his breathing, I could hold his hand, I could have snuggles. And now, all to sudden, he was gone (all be it to the next room). I’ll admit that as I lay there ‘sleeping’ I shed a few tears – I was unprepared for this gigantic step to happen so quickly. My eyes, that should have been shut, stared at the baby monitor watching him sleeping, trying to make sure I could see he was still breathing. And to top it off, unbelievably, he had a couple of night feeds in his own room and settled back off to the land of nod. Even more unbelievably, I resisted the temptation to bring him back into my own room until 4am! (He most definitely would NOT settle on his own at that point – honest!)

From then on we’ve followed pretty much the same pattern. He has a bath, a bedtime story, his milk and then settles into his own bed. He’ll make me go in and out of his room about twenty times a night just to find his dummy. He’ll have a couple of feeds. And somewhere between 3am and 5am he’ll look at me with a big grin when I go into his room – a grin that says, ‘I’m ready to come for cuddles now Mummy’ – and of course I say, ‘Ok then.’ One of these days, I’m guessing, he’ll stay snoozing peacefully until its wake up time – but until then, I’ll take my early-hours snuggles.

I realise now, that although it ‘went wrong’ for me – it’s gone perfectly for F and I’m truly grateful that he’s so settled and feels safe in his own bedroom. When it comes to all the other milestones, like rolling and crawling, I’m always trying to remind myself that he will do it when he’s ready – and I guess he’s decided (whether I like it or not) that he’s ready to be a big boy now.

Here’s a sneaky peak at our nursery decor choices:


Hot Pink Wellingtons
Cuddle Fairy

4 thoughts on “First night in his own room…”

  1. Moving to their own room is such a huge step – for the parents as well as the baby! I remember being really emotional about it. And I’d wake up in the middle of the night and have that moment of “where’s the baby?!” It sounds like he’s taken to it really well though – so often they adapt to the big changes so much better than we expect! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. So true Katy! Still haven’t moved his crib out of our room as it helps me to feel baby is with us!

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