First night in his own room…

Asleep in his OWN room – all night (nearly)! How did that happen? Well, by accident. I’m aware that sounds like a ridiculous thing to say seem as the baby can’t put himself to bed in his own room, so yes, we absolutely, definitely put him in there… but truly it was accidental. How you ask…

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What to do with a frustrated 5 month old

It can be hard facing a long day with a frustrated baby. He wants to crawl – but can’t. He wants to walk – but can’t. He wants to eat EVERYTHING – but can’t. So what can you do to keep baby entertained all day? Here’s 5 things that have worked for me (I hope it helps!)

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A weekend with baby in Cheltenham

With my brother and his partner now living in Cheltenham, we decided now was a great time to go and visit for the weekend (January, I know a bit cold and wet but hey ho)… here’s a break down of what we did, where we went and what I’d recommend.

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The Working Conspiracy

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I take a deep breath, plaster a smile on my face and then cheerily proceed with the hello’s and how are you’s. However, I know it won’t take long. I can feel myself getting agitated before I hear a single one of those words. I’m waiting, thinking, ‘Go on then, say it!’

‘Not long ’til you go back to work is it?’

Boom. There it is, hitting me square between the eyes. Those ten little words. One dreaded phrase that is following me round from house to house. Wherever I go – hello, there it is – again.

WORK. WORK! Why would I want to talk about that?

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