Give yourself some post-baby body image slack in 2017

Am I joining the hordes of people in the gym this January? No. Am I going to let my extra belly roll or bit of saggier skin here and there bother me? No. Read on to find out why I’m choosing to give myself a bit of body image slack in 2017.

As I look back at 2016, I’m filled with nostalgia. ‘This time last year…’ is a phrase that keeps popping into my mind and I know it’ll keep doing so ALL year. First was the 30th December 2016, one year on from the POSITIVE test – whoop we’re having a baby! Then the first doctors appointment, and next it’ll be the midwife appointments, scans… it goes on and on.
Now, looking forward and it seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry is jumping onto the gym bandwagon, making resolutions to get fitter/healthier/slimmer…. pressure, pressure, pressure. Yet I’ve decided to cut myself some body image slack this year. Saying NO to the pressure. Why? Because I’m a mummy! No, that is not an excuse to not bother exercising or keeping healthy in 2017; but a reason to be realistic in my expectations.
In the first few weeks after having my baby I stood in a clothes shop changing room and cried trying on a new pair of jeans whilst thinking, how am I ever going to be ‘me’ again? I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. After that, I questioned whether I would ever getting my pre-baby body back exactly as it was – and concluded, NEVER. But I’ve also realised that that’s ok. My pre-baby body hadn’t achieved something amazing, whereas my post-baby body has. For the first time I can say confidently that my body, even with the new sagging bits here, there and everywhere, is amazing – it spent 9 months growing a baby after all!
Pre-baby me.
 About 4 months pregnant.
 About 8 and a half months pregnant.
 Front view preggers belly.
Post-baby belly.
 So, will I be gluing myself to the sofa this year, using the ‘I’ve had a baby’ excuse? Certainly not. But I also won’t be slaving away at the gym thinking I need to ‘pop’ back and be exactly the same as before. I WILL be giving myself the space and time to do exercise I enjoy, for the fun of doing it – pilates WITH my baby, swimming as a FAMILY, running in the park PLAYING chase.
The best thing about getting fit and healthy in 2017 will be that it’s all done by spending family time together and having fun (with the occasional pampering ‘me’ time too) – but it certainly won’t be to bow down to social pressures.
In future blog posts I’ll keep updating how my togetherness keep fit routine is going… fun ahoy!
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