Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Is it really New Years Resolution time? Maybe going to the gym at least 3 times a week? No. Not eating as much chocolate? Definitely not. This year my only resolution is to have no New Years Resolutions. Why? Because I know that it’d get to the second week of January and they’d already have fallen by the wayside.

Neither will I spend Christmas looking back over 2016, worrying about how fast the time is flying, how I’m yet another year older with extra wrinkles seemingly appearing every day. So what I’ve decided to do instead is think of my Top 5 reasons for looking forward to 2017…

  1. I get to spend another three months at home with my baby boy! Yey! Although I’m worried my maternity leave be over in the blink of an eye, I’m determined to make the most of every second I can spend with my baby and go back to work knowing me and baby had a blast and I’ll remember this amazing time spent with him forever.
  2.  Holidays. More opportunity to make amazing memories as a family.
  3. My baby turning into a little boy! As sad as I am to think about not having my tiny baby any more, I’m also excited by how he will change and develop over the next 12 months. To see his reaction as he tries new tastes, to hear him say Mummy and Daddy for the first time and to see him take his first steps are just a few of the amazing moments that 2017 will bring.
  4. Keeping up with my blog and getting to my 1 year blogging anniversary.
  5. Christmas 2017. As my baby will be a little boy by then, a lot more aware of what is going on, I’m looking forward to going to town at Christmas time. Playing Santa, decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies and cards… I’m excited already!

2017 – Bring it on!

(Thanks to @cuddlefairy for the blog post ‘My Favourite Blog Hacks’ for the link to Canva for free graphics! #BloggerClubUK)

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