Top free baby apps

There are endless baby themed apps available making it a minefield choosing which ones are really worth the effort. Here’s a quick guide to some top freebies!

Baby Tracker App


Love, love, love the Baby Tracker App. If your anything like me, getting to grips with breastfeeding is challenge enough without having to notice what time you started, how long the feed lasted, which side was used last, how many wet and dirty nappies there have been… Arrgghh it’s all way to much information!

I was trying to make notes then losing the bits of paper; started using my phone’s ‘notes’ function but then you can’t compare one day with another. The Baby Tracker is very intuitive and easy to use, making my life so much easier.


Baby Vision


Newborns can see high contrast, black and white patterns; exactly what Baby Vision is all about. Baby Vision is like Baby Television, the moving black and white patterns are mesmerising for my little boy who spends an age wide-eyed and following the shapes as they move around the screen. A great visual development tool – as well as great distractor for those grizzly mood moments.


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