Brilliant baby wetsuit – Twobarefeet product review


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How soon can you take a newborn swimming? Well – whenever your ready is the simple answer. But what essentials do you need?

For me it was important to get my boy in the water quickly, ensuring he sees it as a natural environment for him to be in. However, I was concerned about him being too cold, especially as he can’t/won’t do a lot of moving and splashing about yet, he’s just too young. How to combat this problem? Two bare feet’s baby wetsuit. Amazing!

A super fitting wetsuit that enabled him to not only to stay warm in the pool, but also to be buoyant within the water. As a result we were able to support his head carefully, yet allow him to float and move freely; giving him a great start to his swimming experience.

No tears, no tantrums, just a relaxed baby floating happily in the water.

Can’t wait to keep using the wetsuit, and other baby swimwear products, in the pool and on holiday in the future!


For more information and ideas about playing with your newborn, take a look at the link below…

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