How to play with your newborn: 0-3 months

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I’m steadily growing myself a collection of ideas on Pinterest about how to play with and engage my newborn baby in the first few weeks and months of his life. Currently feeling very excited at the prospect of trying them out… and will keep updating this post with how successful/fun they’ve been! Plus any new ideas that have been thrown into the mix as we’ve go along. Exciting times ahead…

The first few weeks with my new baby were simply an endless and tiring carousel of feeding, nappy changing and sleeping; leaving very little opportunity for play. However, excitingly as we hit the six week mark my baby is becoming more alert and able to engage in different activities – in other words he’s ready to start play time, Yey!

Here some stuff we’ve tried so far…

Tummy time


Whether on my knees, his play mat or just simply on the floor, tummy time has become an important part of our baby playtime. Recommended by the Health Visitor, it’s a great way to allow him to work all those muscles and build up his strength, as well as encouraging him to start holding his head up and move it from side to side. Although, as this picture demonstrates, he also sees it as a comfy sleeping position!

Baby Toys









Unfortunately, many toys are just not suitable for a baby so young; however we’ve found squeaky toys and rattles are helping him to begin to focus on and follow objects and sounds. He is also working on following objects from side to side, so hopefully these toys will continue to aid his development over the coming few weeks.



One of my favourite activities, swimming is an important one for me. Water safety and confidence is essential, and for me that can’t start too early.

Although I still hadn’t had the go ahead to get into the pool myself, that wasn’t going to get in the way of our trip to the pool. I decided to paddle up to my knees in the children’s shallow pool; allowing myself and my husband have wonderful trips to our local pool with our little boy. However, our first trip didn’t quite go as planned, baby decided to sleep through the whole experience! However on subsequent trips he has decided to give staying awake a go, thankfully. So far we’ve had no tantrums and no tears – even when dunked! We truly have ourselves a water boy – and I couldn’t be more pleased.

A definite best buy that’s helped make swimming a success is his little newborn wetsuit. It keeps him warm and very buoyant allowing us to support him whilst also allowing him to move freely splashing around within the water. We’ll definitely be making the pool a weekly event!

See product review and find the link below:

Brilliant baby wetsuit – Twobarefeet product review

img_0226 img_0227



My baby loves it when we read together. It really doesn’t matter what the text is; it’s all in about spending time building verbal communication skills through talking and making exciting noises as well as exploring the bright visual picture.

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