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With the 20 week scan safely out of the way, my little boy now needs some gear – a lot of gear as it turns out! Prams, car seats, cribs, cots, play mats… the list is endless! So into the car we jumped, off to the usual high street shops – well that was an education – the sheer cost of all things baby was a complete shock to me.

So instead we opted to jump online. The Nursery Savings website, which calls itself the ‘UK’s Best Outlet for Cheap Baby Stuff’ popped up – but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

How do they work? They say, that they take returned products from the high street shops, check them for quality and safety, recondition products where necessary and then pass on the savings to the customer by selling them on at a reduced cost price. But does it work? Are you getting what you pay for i.e. cheap and terrible? Or does it do what it says on the tin, quality products at a reduced price?

We decided to give it a go – first for the cot bed – a Mother Care product retailing at nearly £300 new. The first hurdle to jump when ordering is deciding which Grade to go for? Each Grade is a different price point because of the difference in quality of the product: Grade A is described as ‘excellent condition and are as close to brand new as you can get’; Grade B items ‘show signs of mild use but overall look great’; or Grade C will ‘show signs of everyday wear and tear’. Decisions…decisions…

We decided to go for the Grade B cot bed for a couple of reasons: the reasonable price (a cot bed worth nearly £300 new, available on NurserySavings for a shade over £100) and we also felt confident that the ‘mild signs of use’ must in fact be on the box as it’s not really possible to build a flatpack cot, use it for a bit and then take it apart and return it, surely?

The product arrived, instructions included, all the parts were there and we built away. We were initially happy with the cot bed until we spotted a black scratch mark on one of the panels – was that what NurserySavings deemed signs of ‘mild use’? At this point we had already built the bed and it wasn’t coming apart. We could position the bed in such a way that it actually wasn’t noticeable to anybody, so although a tad disappointed it was okay. Even so, we decided to contact NurseySavings, sending them a picture of the damage and an accompanying email, honestly we didn’t expect a great deal of response, however we were wrong and very pleasantly surprised. They couldn’t have been more accommodating; apologising for the obvious damage that was more than they would accept as just ‘mild use’, offering us the opportunity to return the product, have a replacement or (as we’d stated we’d happily to keep the product and just wanted to inform them of the damage) have a partial refund as compensation. We opted for the refund and felt confident enough, through their quality customer service and positive response to order again.

So far we have ordered from them three more times, buying a gliding wooden crib, a baby jumper/play centre and a baby play mat. All products have been Grade B products and all products have been excellent in terms of quality and condition. With each new order we have received promotional cards offering discount codes for further savings on future purchases; as well as earning ‘Penny Points’ through having an account adding up to even more savings in the future.

Would I order from them again? Definitely.

Nursery Savings calls itself the ‘UK’s Best Outlet for Cheap Baby Stuff’ – and I am inclined to agree!

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  1. I heard about this website, but didn’t order through them due to the products not being brand new. It’s good to know that the service you have received has been positive. Ill have another look and see if I can bag myself a bargain.

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