Day 1 as a blogger…

Day 1 in my new life as a blogger…

How do I feel? Nervous, like I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, yet excited about what’s to come and what I’ll learn along the way – pretty much the exact same feelings I have about becoming a mummy for the first time in a little under two weeks (or perhaps tomorrow or perhaps in four weeks time!)

I did wonder if 38 plus weeks pregnant was the right time to become a blogger (as if there won’t be enough to content with as my little person arrives into the world!) – but then again doesn’t that make it perfect time to reflect honestly (without the rose tinted glasses of time) about the joys, trials and tribulations that he’ll bring with him?

I’ve already found that the closer I get to my due date the more honest other mums tend to be about the whole birthing/new baby experience – and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Gone are the congratulations, it’s amazing, it’s so rewarding, you’ll love it – hello to the, your hair will fall out, forget sneezing and maintaining any sort of bladder control and never leave the house without a spare pair of clothes for yourself (poo stained jeans are not a good look!)

I’m sure once he finally arrives I’ll receive a torrent of ‘golden nuggets’ pieces advice – which I’ll try hard not to take as constructive criticism! – making sure I share what works, as well as what doesn’t along the way.

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