How to play with your newborn: 0-3 months

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I’m steadily growing myself a collection of ideas on Pinterest about how to play with and engage my newborn baby in the first few weeks and months of his life. Currently feeling very excited at the prospect of trying them out… and will keep updating this post with how successful/fun they’ve been! Plus any new ideas that have been thrown into the mix as we’ve go along. Exciting times ahead…

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November themes ready to rock… Continue reading “#SNAPHAPPYBRITMUMS November 2016” – The UK’s Best Outlet for Cheap Baby Stuff?



With the 20 week scan safely out of the way, my little boy now needs some gear – a lot of gear as it turns out! Prams, car seats, cribs, cots, play mats… the list is endless! So into the car we jumped, off to the usual high street shops – well that was an education – the sheer cost of all things baby was a complete shock to me.

So instead we opted to jump online. The Nursery Savings website, which calls itself the ‘UK’s Best Outlet for Cheap Baby Stuff’ popped up – but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

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A bump without boundaries – travelling whilst pregnant


Holidays! I love em… was that about to change because of pregnancy? Nope. I’m sure it could even be said that I turned into a ‘baby-moon addict’ whilst pregnant. So here’s an insight into where I went, what I learnt and my top-tips for flying and travelling whilst pregnant.

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Ruby Owl Baby Wear

Ruby Owl Baby Wear
Ruby Owl Baby Wear

A fantastic bonus to having relatives living in Australia is the gifts that I’ve been sent, including these amazingly cute Ruby Owl Baby and Toddler wear outfits handmade by Ally.

Lovingly hand made they make for a lovely gift for expecting mums!

All things breastfeeding on Pinterest


See Pinterest page for all things breastfeeding.

Day 1 as a blogger…

Day 1 in my new life as a blogger…

How do I feel? Nervous, like I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, yet excited about what’s to come and what I’ll learn along the way – pretty much the exact same feelings I have about becoming a mummy for the first time in a little under two weeks (or perhaps tomorrow or perhaps in four weeks time!)

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